Diamond Carat Weight

Carat weight for most people is the last deciding factor in buying the diamond. Once you know what cut, color, clarity you want the only thing to decide is your budget and find a size that falls in your range. Like all other Cs the larger sizes are rarer and thus the prices are higher for these stones.

Carat Weight Facts:
1 Carat = 1/5 gram
1 Carat = 0.007 oz
 While selecting the carat weight there are several factors to keep in mind:
Your Budget – There are a wide range of choices you have to spend your hard earned money. If you have already decided on the cut, color and clarity then the decision for the carat weight is easier. If you have not decided the other Cs you will need to figure out what is more important to you and proceed further from that point.
Setting – Sometimes a setting preference will guide the decision for the diamond size. If you are using a bezel setting then the size of the diamond is dictated by the size of the bezel in that setting. If the bezel can only take up to 1.05 carat stone you cannot purchase a 1.25 carat stone for that setting.
Recipient Build and Size – Another important factor is the build and size of the recipient. For a petite person with a small finger you can purchase a 1.25 carat diamond and it will look larger than on a person that is of normal build.
Recipient Life Style – The life style of the person wearing the diamond can also change the buying decision. People with active lifestyle might prefer a slightly smaller diamond.
Preference – At the end it all comes down to your preference. Some prefer larger stones over smaller one and then you might have to compromise on the other Cs. Maybe to get a larger diamond you have to buy one color down or one clarity down.